About the Third Book

The third book in the series, Effing Simple Leadership: How to Take Back Control and Make an Impact on Every Part of Your Life is a collaborative effort led by Toni Vanschoyck and her Effing Simple Powerhouses. Many of the contributors in this book will highlight how they had a completely different life back then, and how each of them chose to become a leader.


Their stories are inspiring, and even that is an understatement. They have managed to change their lives, and everything about them and their surroundings to fall in line with their vision and goals. 

They broke away the shackles, despite having a vast number of challenges before them, and then continued to persevere. Today, each of these personalities, myself included, enjoys a life that they can truly cherish. They are no longer bound by any restrictions, whether physical, emotional, social or any other form. They get to choose what they want to do, and they go out to do exactly that. Now it is your turn.

About the Second Book

A second book in the Effing Simple Series, Effing Simple You—You do You is a guide to fulfillment and life mastery. Self-proclaimed former “bitch” turned servant leader and multi-millionaire, Toni Vanschoyck experienced the key to success as being her true self, no BS allowed.


Radical honesty, continuous personal improvement, and strong supports helped her rise to professional heights while enjoying her personal life. In plain language, with sarcasm and a few swear words, Vanschoyck shares the stories, strategies, and specific techniques she used to master her life.


This book is for people who want to cut through the BS and dominate life. Get ready to see things in a whole new way. Effing Simple You is your chance to finally take back the steering wheel. It's time for you to...just do YOU.


About The First Book

This book is an Effing Simple guide to help newbies and experts alike prosper and thrive in network marketing. Toni (with guest appearances from her partner in crime and husband, Jay Treloar) help jumpstart your success.

Recounting her 20-year and $5 million earning experience in the industry, Toni guides you through stories, strategies, and specific techniques to grow your network marketing business and change your life.


Toni Vanschoyck is a network marketing professional who motivates and inspires nearly a quarter of a million network marketers on their way to generate one billion dollars in annual sales.

Her newly released book, “Effing Simple” is a guide to building a prosperous life in network marketing (with bonus strategies for couples who partner to magnify success).

She’s an engaging speaker, trainer, and consultant who addresses audiences with authority on topics like network marketing, leadership as a lifestyle, cultivating confidence, and generating wealth to pay it forward.

Toni consults with new and emerging network marketing organizations to increase partner engagement (and sales), 21st Century technology (social media) campaigns, and leading for collective prosperity.

About The Author