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Toni and Jay's network marketing team includes a quarter of a million partners with a billion dollars in sales. 


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The Effing Simple Network Marketing book series is an opening to a MOVEMENT to help others uncomplicate life and live abundantly and free. Effing Simple merchandise is available now and an entire series of books in the same format is coming soon. Next up…Effing Simple Relationships!

The Effing Simple Movement

Toni Vanschoyck is a seasoned professional who transitioned from the restaurant business to entrepreneurship and landed in network marketing after a few of life’s ups and downs. She took a chance on a start-up network marketing organization in 2014 and never looked back. She’s a wife, a parent, and a proud network marketing professional who motivates and inspires nearly a quarter of a million network marketers on their way to generate one billion dollars in annual sales. Toni and her husband Jay Treloar are taking personal success and fulfillment in network marketing to new heights through partnership, connection, communication, and love.

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The first book in the series, Effing Simple: Your Guide to Growing Your Network Marketing Business and Changing Your Life is as you can tell from the name, Effing Simple is a personal development book. In it, I show you an Effing Simple way to live your life, work in ways that are joyful and natural to you, and produce financial success.


A second book in the Effing Simple Series, Effing Simple You—You do You is a guide to fulfillment and life mastery.  In plain language, with sarcasm and a few swear words, Vanschoyck shares the stories, strategies, and specific techniques she used to master her life. This book is for people who want to cut through the BS and dominate life. Get ready to see things in a whole new way. Effing Simple, You is your chance to finally take back the steering wheel. It's time for you to...just do YOU.


The third book in the series, Effing Simple Leadership: How to Take Back Control and Make an Impact on Every Part of Your Life is a collaborative effort led by Toni Vanschoyck and her Effing Simple Powerhouses. Many of the contributors in this book will highlight how they had a completely different life back then, and how each of them chose to become a leader. Their stories are inspiring, and even that is an understatement. They have managed to change their lives, and everything about them and their surroundings to fall in line with their vision and goals. 

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